Rabble is a new digital platform and service, in the final of a competition to win £50k funding, which brings together fun but useful activities for young families from across a city like Liverpool into one place.


Young families in the UK need good, non-materialistic activities to do together. A recent UNICEF study placed the UK bottom of all OECD nations for childhood wellbeing, and a follow up study identified high levels of childhood materialism as the key cause.


Family volunteering at local cultural and natural sites ought to be the solution. Organisations like the National Trust and RSPB have been experimenting for years with ways to get families involved in this way; initiatives like Bioblitz have had some success; and committed local politicians and community leaders have also made some headway, for example leading local clean-ups.

But this should be much bigger, much more common, and involve many more people.



We are currently fundraising for a full pilot of Rabble, starting with a 'Rabble Week' in the city of Liverpool in 2016. Following this, we are planning a city by city roll-out, eventually having a nationwide presence.


Our longer-term ambition is that Rabble also becomes a place where individuals and community groups can list their own projects and get stuff done; everything from litter picking to building fencing or repairing walls in their local community. We see this could become especially important in the face of cuts in local government funding and would be very interested in working with community groups to create these, possibly even working with one or two as part of Rabble Week in October.